video survey

Here are some frequently asked questions about our video survey:

What is a video survey?
The video survey is a simple and convenient way to show us all the items and furniture you would like to move, so we can estimate the volume and correctly price the moving service for you.

What device is required?
Any Android or Apple phone/tablet.

How much does it cost?
It is free of charge and there is no obligation to use our service.

On what days the survey can be scheduled?
The dates and times are flexible, some evenings and weekends are also possible for your conveniance.

How long will the survey take?
Depending on the size of your property, usually between 15 and 30 minutes.

How difficult is it to use it?
The software is very simple and our surveyor is going to provide a step-by-step instruction on how to connect.

Is the video survey accurate?
Yes, as accurate as a home visit. We simply need you to walk us slowly through all your house or apartment, showing all the contents to be moved. With the video survey, we also have an advantage of viewing it multiple times after the video chat is over.

Is my personal data safe from hackers and misuse?
We take your private data seriously. Each video is encrypted before storing it on a secure server. We also keep your personal information stored separately from the video.

I don't like the video survey idea, what other options are available?
Depending on your location, we can arrange a home visit, ask you to complete a house content form, or you can send us pictures/videos of your property via WhatsApp.