Machinery Removals to Germany with Bright Removals

Machinery Removals to Germany
with Bright Removals

Heavy machinery removal has always been problematic for many companies. The necessity to use specialist lifting equipment, skills, and knowledge of the latest road and law regulations are enough reasons to scare many contractors. Luckily, not Bright Removals. Years of experience in heavy equipment removals to Germany and many satisfied customers prove our service is one of a kind.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery Movers

Bright Removals has been operating in the heavy machine removal industry for over 10 years. There are many benefits to moving machines to Germany with us. What can you expect when you choose to put your trust in us?

Wide Spectrum of Heavy Machinery Removal

Bright Removals can remove the whole plant, a few machines or a single unit. We will relocate lighter equipment as well as high-tonnage machinery from the UK to Germany. Book a free consultation to discover the best options for your type of machinery removal.

Regular Shipments between UK and Germany

Bright Removals offers weekly shipments to Germany from any part of the United Kingdom. We can relocate your factory or ship your heavy machine to Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Paderborn, and Stuttgart. Do you need relocation to another place in Germany? Contact us for personalized advice!

Secure Relocation

Heavy machinery is expensive equipment that assures your business prosperity. We are aware of the cost and importance of your assets. That is why we are covered by insurance to prepare for any unexpected issues that may arise - because the safety of your cargo is our main priority.

Individual Approach and Site Assessment

Every relocation is different. That is why a personalized approach is the only way to ensure perfection. After conducting client consultation, we create a plan of action, which suits best the given machinery transportation project. If it is necessary, we will visit your site to choose the best approach and course of action.

Relocation Without Affecting the Entire Factory Work

You might fear that machine relocation to Germany will stop the production lines, which, in turn, will result in the loss of income. No such thing will happen while Bright Removals are in charge! A part of our job as machinery movers is to understand the importance of your business affairs and align with them. That is why machinery removal with us will be as quick and efficient as possible. At the same time, we assure adherence to the health and safety guidelines. Contact us to discuss the most convenient time to schedule our machinery moving services to Germany.

Heavy Machinery Removal in Accordance with the Law

The chances are you are not a law expert. However, your machinery removal to Germany still has to align with current laws. Leave it with us! Bright Removals operates in accordance with laws and regulations applicable to the United Kingdom and Germany. We align with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, which requires a company to ensure the safe use, handling, and storage of all vehicles and their loads. We are also compliant with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and any other legislative measures in place in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Cost-effective Service and a Professional Manner

You might find fairly knowledgeable staff in another machinery removal company. They might also be moderately skilled and aware of current legislation. However, what you will not find is good value for money. Bright Removals are a family. We work closely together and understand each other and our clients very well. We enjoy what we do, and it shows! You will not find such a passion for outstanding service and a can-do attitude anywhere else. At the same time, our professional approach to every relocation guarantees its success. Bright Removals are cost-effective, hard-working, passionate, and professional machinery movers who will make the relocation an easy and stress-free operation.

heavy equipment and machinery movers in action


What Does Your Machinery Removal Service to Germany Include?

Bright Removals offers the comprehensive service needed to relocate your specialist equipment to or from Germany. We can provide (depending on individual circumstances) a site survey, risk assessments, disconnection of mechanical and electrical services before machinery removal, machinery dismantling, machinery lifting, loading, logistics service, and re-installation.

Above all, we offer our experience in machinery removal, which includes cooperation with third parties, such as government authorities, border control, transport agencies, customs agents, ferry operators or reliable storage partners.

What Type of Equipment Do You Relocate?

We can relocate the whole factory, large loads or just a few machines. These can be, for example, presses, lathes, CNC machines, assembly and packing machines, conveyer belts, warehouse and other factory and industrial equipment.

We can also help you to relocate vehicles, storage tanks, milling machines, and more. Did not find the type of machine you want to relocate to Germany? Perfect! We love challenges! Get in touch and enquire about your personalized machinery removal.

What Area Do You Cover?

We run machinery removal from all parts of the United Kingdom, whether it is England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Within Germany, we will relocate your machines to any place you indicate. It can be near the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, or the Alps.

We also cover western borders with France as well as the Czech Republic and Polish borders. We offer weekly shipments of any load between Germany and the UK. All that is adjusted to the timeframe agreed upon in advance.

Should I Start the Removal Before the Relocation?

It is not necessary nor advisable to remove machines or any of their parts without previous training or experience. You expose your equipment to the possibility of damage and your staff to the possibility of accidents and injuries.

Our skilled team of machinery movers is trained to effectively and safely remove heavy machinery with the use of specialized lifting equipment and to provide competent supervision of heavy machinery removal.

Need more information? Get a free quote! We will happily answer all questions you might have. Call our UK Freephon to discuss your machinery removal project today.

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