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Moving from UK to Hamburg

Moving between countries is never easy: it requires time, preparation, and money. This is why so many people dread it. One of the biggest concerns people usually have is how they can move all their belongings to the new country. How can you move all your stuff? Does it involve any paperwork? How much would it cost? How much should you get involved in the removal process?

These are all questions that movers regularly ask, and here at Bright Removals, we understand that. That's why our removal services make the answers as simple as possible. We take care of moving all your stuff to Germany from your old home to your new home, all at very affordable prices. We require minimal involvement on your part. You can rely on us to take care of the removal from start to finish.

Moving to Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the most popular residence destinations in Germany, especially for our clients in the United Kingdom. Each year, we help tens of Britons from all over the country move to Hamburg each year, and if you contact us now, you can be among them!

When moving to Hamburg from the United Kingdom, you need a removal company that can properly take care of your luggage, make sure your items arrive in Hamburg both quickly and safely, without a lot of effort on your part.

This is why you should rely on Bright Removals: we make sure removals to Hamburg are carried out by a professional team safely, quickly, reliably, and above all, affordably. If you are planning on moving to Hamburg, and you want the removal process to go as smoothly as possible, you've come to the right place. Contact us right now!

Transit time

Transit time of shipments between UK and Hamburg is between 2 and 3 days, door to door


If storage is required we can arrange it either in the UK or Hamburg

Any size

Full and part-load services available, single box or piece of furniture to 100cbm

Bright Removals Services

There are a few reasons that make our removal service popular and special, and they're why you should trust us with your Hamburg removals:

If any of this sounds good to you, you should contact us right away! Let's discuss the finer details of the removal and plan ahead so your move goes as smoothly as possible!

About Hamburg

Hamburger's namesake, Hamburg is a German port city situated on the banks of River Elbe -- due to its strategic location, Hamburg has occupied an outsized place in history since Medieval times. And its prominence continues to this day: not only is it the 7th largest city in the EU, but it is also the largest non-capital city, which gives it a lot of economic, cultural, political, and historical significance.

Today, Hamburg is a significant clog in Germany's economy, home to many important industries that drive growth in the country. That's why many people want to move to the city from the United Kingdom. Whether you want to work in logistics, IT, or the automotive sector, moving to Hamburg is an excellent decision.

A Hub of Academic Excellence

Hamburg stands as a beacon for international researchers, drawing them to its esteemed universities and vibrant academic environment. At the forefront is Universität Hamburg, Northern Germany's largest research and educational institution and one of the country's major universities. With over 4,400 researchers, the university spans eight faclties, enriched by six core research areas, five emerging fields, and four clusters of excellence, creating a diverse and dynamic academic milieu.

The city's academic appeal is further bolstered by the comprehensive support it offers international scholars. This includes assistance with funding programs, visa processes, and accommodation, ensuring a smooth transition for researchrs adapting to a new environment. Such support is vital for academics focusing on their research without the additional stress of logistical concerns.

Hamburg's Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Natural Sciences (MIN faculty) stands out for its welcoming approach to international visiting scholars. It hosts a variety of departments, each fostering international collaboration and research excellence, making it a preferred destination for global academic talents

The city is a hub for funding opportunities, offering a range of programs and grants to support visiting scientists. Initiatives by the MIN Graduate Center and partnerships with organizations like the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation highlight Hamburg's commitment to facilitating research endeavors and international academic exchange.

Hamburg's focus on improving international relations and bilateral research cooperations, with support from institutions like the DAAD, further cements its status as a center of academic excellence. The city is also home to the renowned GIGA Institute, a leading research center specializing in social science studies related to global areas. GIGA's presence in Hamburg adds to the city's rich tapestry of research institutes, contributing significantly to global discussions and policy development in international affairs. These efforts not only provide unique research and educational opportunities but also foster a community of international collaboration and scholarly exchange.

In essence, Hamburg's rich academic culture, dedicated support for researchers, diverse funding avenues, and commitment to international cooperation collectively create an alluring destination for international researchers. Its blend of academic rigor and supportive infrastructure makes it an ideal setting for those seeking an engaging, collaborative space for their scholarly work.

New to Hamburg?

Is it your first time moving to Hamburg? We recognize how difficult that can be, and we're here to help! Having helped with the removal of hundreds of people to the city, we are deeply familiar with the city's layout, regulations, laws, and culture. If you have any questions about moving to the city, you can simply give us a call, and we'll try to answer all your questions.

A good removal process begins by establishing a mutual understanding with our client about the process, what it entails, and how it would be carried out. Without properly discussing the project, there are bound to be some misunderstandings, and we work hard to prevent that. When working with us, you'll know the exact service you're getting with no hidden fees.