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Are you looking to relocate to Nuremberg? Do you have a work or study offer but don't know how to take care of the relocation process? Do you want a reliable company that can help you relocate your company to one of the main industrial cities in the EU? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you'll absolutely love our services.

As a company specialising in the United Kingdom to Germany removals, we've helped various companies and individuals move over to Nuremberg and start a new life in the city, all without a hitch.

Due to our years of experience, our values inherited from being a family-run business, and our excellent team, we have an absolutely impeccable relocation service that you can rely on for your needs without worrying about delays, missing items, or other inconveniences.

Removals Service: You Can Rely on Us

Moving to an entirely different country can be quite stressful, and although Germany and Nurnberg, in particular, are absolutely beautiful, it is understandable if you're worried. That's why we're here to help you. We don't only offer you professional, stress-free services that you can trust, but we're also ready to help you with your move. Whether you have questions about life in Germany or the legal steps you need o take to relocate, you just need to give us a call, and we'll be happy to guide you through the process. We truly are there for our clients, and we make sure every one of them understands that.

There are so many things to do when preparing for an international move, and even more so when moving abroad with your family. It's not until you have to move your entire life from one country to another that you realize in how many ways you are connected to your home country. Where do you start? What are the most important things to deal with and how to feel at home in your new country? To help you organize your international move so that it goes as smoothly as possible, we've created a holistic service that aims to guide you through the process. We understand how hard international relocations are, and we know that our clients are often stressed out, and we work within these bounds to offer a service that's truly unique.

About Nuremberg

Located in the north of Bavaria, Nuremberg is situated between Munich and Frankfurt and is the second-largest city in the province with 511,628 inhabitants. It is also the 14th largest city in Germany. A medieval city rich in history, although massively bombed after the Second World War and rebuilt after 1945, it is still a major economic and cultural centre in Germany and one of the main industrial centres of southern Germany. In addition, Nuremberg was voted the 25th most livable city in the world recently by the Economist.

This means that if you're planning on moving to the city, whether for work or pleasure, you'll find a lot to love about it. From its homely and nostalgic atmosphere to its modern amenities and affordable prices, Nuremberg is a city anyone would love to settle in if given the opportunity.

Nuremberg is a multifaceted city: you might need some time to adjust, but if you take the time to finally appreciate it after discovering its landmarks, culture, and society, you'll be amazed by the city. Read any opinions on the city, and you'll probably read many times that the city is charming, and there's a lot of truth to that. With its mismatched architecture, lively scenes, and historical places, Nuremberg is foremost among the cities of not just Germany, but Europe as a whole.

Finding accommodation in Nuremberg

When moving to a new city in a new country, the first thing you should generally do is find a place to rent. Although, if you're moving for work, your company might already be offering a relocation package. If you're out of luck, however, finding accommodation in Nuremberg isn't all that difficult, and you can always contact us if you want expert help with your relocation.

The easiest way to find accommodation in Nuremberg is to look at the classified ads in the newspapers and, if you are not in Nuremberg, you can use specialized websites that offer sections about places for rent. If you know people in Nuremberg, leverage your personal network to get a better deal. Property markets are very tight in Nuremberg, and it isn't always easy to find the place of your dreams. You can also find ads by joining groups on social networks. If your budget is limited, think about sharing a flat.

You can also use the services of a real estate agency, but you should know that the fees are higher than in the United Kingdoms, in general. Furthermore, in Germany, the rent is payable one month in advance. Also, check the equipment included in the lease if you choose unfurnished accommodation. It is not uncommon for unfurnished apartments to be rented without taps or kitchen furniture. The last important point to take into account is the bills. Make sure you know what bills are included in the rent because heating, for example, can considerably increase your rent.

New to Franconia?

New to Franconia region? We are happy to help. For years we moved hundreds of customers between Nuremberg and the UK. We are certain there are questions which you wouldn't ask to the ordinary relocation firm. We are different, happy to advise on wide range of issues regarding day to day living in Nuremberg, Erlangen, Fuerth and all Franconia region.

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