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Are you planning to relocate from the United Kingdom to Cologne, a beautiful German city? How exciting! Then, you’ll probably be on the lookout for a reliable, experienced relocation firm capable of transporting your belongings. You couldn't find a better place, we have the experience, knowledge and skills that will make your relocation as smooth, stress-free and safe as possible. Our company specialises in relocations between the United Kingdom and Germany with over 10 years experience in both countries. Please ask any question, not only about relocation but anything else needed during your moving process.

We offer relocation and removal services tailored to your needs to and from Cologne, as well as all Rhine-Ruhr regions. With our frequent, weekly journeys between Cologne and England, Scotland, Wales, we are sure we can accommodate your move on the date and time frame required by you. We are honest, reliable, family-run businesses. We care for every customer, and so each person gets 110% of our best service. That's our promise.

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We offer tailored moving services. You’d be surprised how much every job is different. We’re the right company for you no matter what you want to transport. If you’re looking to move a small 2-bedroom apartment, a large 6-bedroom house, a whole floor of offices, commercial goods, fragile artwork, electronics, cellars, attics, cars or anything else, we have the solution. Spare yourself the trouble and get in touch.

The final price we can offer depends on a few factors: the type of service, time, load, insurance, etc. But, don’t be afraid of asking: contact us and you’ll get the exact cost without any obligation, and that's going to be the final number. We stick to what we promise. Our rates are very competitive because we travel to and from Cologne frequently. For smaller loads, we offer shared consignments, which reduces the price.

Our Services

Full load consignments

Our fleet of vehicles can deal with any size of shipment. If your shipment can fill up the whole vehicle, you can count on next-day delivery.

Part load consignments

We offer transport of smaller packages at a competitive price. With our weekly travels to and from Germany, we'll be able to share one transport between 2, 3 customers. Ask our customer service specialist for details.

Short- and Long-term Storage in Germany and England

10 years in the business means that we have a well-established network of facilities and business partners. If you’re looking for safe storage, contact us. We either direct you to our warehouse or our trusted partners'.

Door-to-door Service, Loading and Unloading

Our employees are experts at safely loading your belongings. We can pick them up at your door and deliver them to any destination. That's the most popular of our services, perhaps because it’s so convenient.

Courier Packing & Wrapping Service

Fragile objects may require our assistance and customised containers. We’re happy to help you secure valuable objects. Trust years of our experience in transport.

Removals to Cologne and Other Location

The key to our success are frequent shipments between restricted areas. We’re specialised in removals to Cologne from the United Kingdom. However, we also offer weekly shipments to other German locations: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and anywhere else in Germany.

Standard Insurance

Our services are insured, and we have a very low percentage of damaged goods. Your satisfaction is a priority to us, so you don’t have to worry.

Office Clearance, Office Relocation

We handle business relocation as well. We’ll be happy to dismantle the whole office, making sure that valuable objects are secured in a box.

About Cologne

There are 2000 years of history in Cologne, the largest city of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area. Cologne is a major cultural centre and has a vibrant arts scene. It's home to more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. You find everything from Roman towers and Gothic churches to fine examples of modern architecture here. Cologne is one of the nation's media, tourism and business hotspots.

New to Cologne?

New to Cologne? We are happy to help. For years we moved hundreds of customers between Cologne and the United Kingdom. We are certain there are questions which you wouldn't ask an ordinary relocation firm. We are different, we are more than happy to advise you on a wide range of issues regarding day to day living in Cologne or the Rhine-Ruhr region.

As there are many factors affecting final valuation, please take some time to fill out this form, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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