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Welcome! Dresden is the newest, fully services German destination on our long list of German destinations. If you are looking for an experienced relocation company, we have the skills, attitude, and expertise necessary to help make your move smooth, stress-free, and safe.

Our company is specialised in house and office moving services between the United Kingdom and Germany, with weekly service between both countries. We are here to help, feel free to ask any question, whatever is needed during the process of moving home.

We offer bespoke and custom-fit international house removals services to and from Dresden. We also offer removals to the greater Saxony region and all of Germany.

As a company specializing in removals to Germany, with our numerous shipments between Dresden and all parts of the United Kingdom, we are convinced we can accomplish your move on your terms, through time-tables you decide, and by agreeing on prices that will pleasantly surprise you. We're an honest, family-run business, and we intend to show that throughout our services.

About Dresden

Dresden is Saxony's second-largest city, situated on the river Elbe, one of the greenest cities in Europe. Dresden is the city of culture as well as the technology hub with a strong network of research and science institutions across the city. 85% of the city centre was destroyed during World War II, rebuilt and restored later on in the 20th century, currently, the "Jewel Box", as it is also called, attracts approx a million tourists a year from all parts of Europe and beyond.

The city of Dresden attracts foreigners because of its lower cost of living and rent than the rest of Germany. This is on top of its architectural heritage. The city's dynamic location with above-average growth is the fourth most populous city in Germany. If you are considering a move to Dresden, read on to find out what you need to know about relocation to Dresden.

New to Dresden?

New to Dresden? Over the years we moved numerous customers between Saxony and United Kingdom. We understand that moving to a new city can be overwhelming, and this is especially true if the city is in entirely another country with a foreign language.

As a family-run business committed to service as much as profitability, we're more than happy to help. We're deeply familiar with life in Germany, its culture, its costs, and its laws and regulations. And you can ask us about anything related to relocating there, and we will happily answer.

Dresen is a colourful, beautiful city with a deep history. After being rebuilt almost entirely after WW2, the city's foundations were modern and well-thought-out. This made the city grow quickly, and now, it is the fourth largest city in the country, and it is continuously growing to this day still.

With this growth came industry, art, and science, and the city is famous for its factories, art exhibits, and more. If you want to find a factory job in Germany, Dresden is one of the premier cities you should visit and search in. You will not be disappointed.

But in a strange mix, factories and industrialization have met art in this city, and you have a burgeoning art movement that breathes life into the city. So, if you want to explore your creative side, you wouldn't want to miss Dresden either.

Useful preparations for a move to Dresden

The city of Dresden makes many British people pause in awe, whether it is for its green spaces, its monuments, its economy or its cultural and social life. However, unless you are planning a very short stay, good preparation is necessary, especially if you intend to stay there for several months or years.

A move requires the transportation of your personal belongings, furniture, computers etc. unless you plan on buying new ones once you arrive in Dresden. As a rule, you should rely on the experience of an international relocation company to help you handle such a task. This will ensure that the service you receive meets your expectations and comes with liability insurance.

The price of removals to Dresden depends on the volume of your goods, their weight, the distance between the city of arrival and the city of destination. To have a more precise idea of the price of a move to Dresden, you should get in touch with us. We would love to talk to you about your removal needs, and we're always happy to make you an offer that meets your individual needs.

Cost of Living in Dresden

The cost of living in this city is lower than in other German cities like Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. On the other hand, the real estate market is more expensive. Most of the houses for rent are not furnished.

Dresden as a city strikes the middle ground between providing you with all the amenities of a modern city while not being as expensive as the mega-cities of the world like London and Tokyo. If you move here, you can absolutely be sure you're going to be able to live comfortably if you put in the effort.

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