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Removals to Munich

Moving to Munich

Bright Removals is a division of Bright Ltd, offering weekly house removals to Germany. We take pride in our service, which means that we offer the very best, on-time delivery.

Frequent Removals to Munich

Our England to Germany removals company is the best choice when it comes to international house moving. Due to frequent removals to Munich and many other locations in Germany, we know everything about the routes. We can offer you a suitable date for your house moving within a short time.

Service You Can Trust

We know that international removals are stressful and somewhat complicated. Some people are tempted to rent a truck and do all the work themselves. If you want to save your time and effort, we suggest you let professionals do all the work for you. We guarantee a stress-free moving service with the greatest care for your belongings all the way. We know that some of your objects are priceless regardless of their material value. We care about every single item as if it was ours.

Packing and Packaging Experts

When you move hundreds of houses, you predict every problem that may happen. We immediately recognise poor packaging that is unable to protect its content. You can use our free advice on how to pack your belongings. We simply want to ensure the best service. However, we also offer additional packing assistance. Some fragile objects require custom-made crates, always feel free to request them. The same applies to moving boxes. If you would like appropriately-sized boxes, contact us. We offer a wide range of moving boxes and other suitable containers for your upcoming move.

We help you with moving from the beginning to the end.

Munich Removals and More

We're a UK-based company that specialises in the UK to Germany removals. Munich is one of the most popular destinations our clients choose. Therefore, we can easily transport your goods to and from Munich. However, our services cover any location in Germany: we deliver to any location between western borders with France and eastern borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. Our vans and trucks are recognizable in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Shipping All Kinds of Belongings

No matter if you’re looking to move your flat, a 7-bedroom house, one office or half of an international company, we are ready for projects big and small. We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of shipments and we’re proud to have many happy customers. We deal with all kinds of removals to Munich and the UK: private, business or military. What you ship is not our concern, as long as your package is safe.

Different Means of Transportation

Our experience has taught us that different clients prefer different means of transportation. Most of our business is done by road, but we can organise air, train or sea shipping for you, if necessary. We can provide you with any types of boxes and furniture cases you might need for your removals to Munich.

Given that we use different means of transportation in removal services, we are able to move all kinds of items such as kitchen/bathroom equipment, pieces of art, all sorts of sofas, beds, chest of drawers, heavy machinery, washing machines etc.

Insurance Plans as Standard

We put our best efforts into keeping your packages unscathed, but we’re prepared for when things don’t go as we wish. Standard insurance is included in our services, so you don’t have to worry. Additional insurance plans are also available upon request.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Let’s sum up the main reasons why you can’t find better moving services between Munich and England.

Part and Full Load Consignments

We adjust our offer to best fit your needs. Our large fleet of vehicles of different sizes can accommodate various shipments. We can offer you a full load on a lorry, which gives you the most flexibility in choosing the date. You can also combine your boxes with other smaller shipments, which is the most affordable option. Our consultants are there to answer you about what’s possible for your destination.

Storage Service

If you require to store your things in-between moving, we can rent you space in one of our warehouse locations in Germany or the UK. We understand that sometimes the logistics are more than you bargained for and extra time is priceless. We’re happy to take that problem off your hands. Our company offers a comprehensive moving service from beginning to end.

Ask for a Free Quote

It’s hard to estimate the cost of the shipment without contacting our customer service specialist. If you’re thinking about moving, contact our workers for a free, no-obligation survey and get initial impressions on the cost and possibilities. We’re happy to answer all your questions to ensure the best service within your budget. No matter how long it takes for you to gather all the necessary information, we’re happy to serve and wait. We understand that it's a time of big changes in your life and sometimes you need extra time to make a decision.

Why Munich?

Removals to Munich are a large part of our business. Many of our clients choose Munich as their living destination for excellent career and life opportunities. Germany offers a high standard of living, good work culture and top-class public services, including schooling, healthcare and infrastructure.

Munich is a mixture of traditional culture and fast-developing automotive, high-tech and electronics industries. As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is the perfect place to enjoy crafted beers, pretzels and festivals. But, it’s more than that. It creates a great opportunity to experience the much richer German culture of life and work, fully enjoying the benefits of living in a leading European economy.

Good to Know About Munich

Moving to a new destination will always require making a few adjustments to your lifestyle. It's no different for Germany. Make sure you know what to expect. Firstly, speaking German will get you much further socially. 70% of Germans speak English at a communicative level. However, with German unique linguistic features, in a foreign language, you’ll find it harder to connect. Be open about local traditions and customs, for example, in Munich you can see people cultivating traditional outfits like lederhosen. Get used to carrying cash around. Surprisingly, In Germany, there are many places where you can pay in cash only, which seems to be different from other parts of Europe.

Being an Expat in Munich

Moving to Munich permanently means gaining access to world-class public facilities and infrastructure. Public transportation is well-developed, accessible for the disabled, affordable and eco-friendly. The road network is what Germany is famous for. Roads in Munich are no less than those in Berlin, Hamburg or other big German cities.

If you or your close ones don’t speak German, that may cause some barriers as many cultural places and schools operate in German only. However, you’ll find excellent private bilingual or English-speaking schools and higher institutions. It’s even possible to find schools that follow a foreign curriculum, for example, the UK curriculum. As for culture, it takes some effort to find institutions operating in English, but it’s by all means possible.

Healthcare in Munich is considered to be one of the best in Europe. You can be sure that you’ll be attended by well-trained professionals speaking your language. Health insurance is compulsory by German law, which applies to expats as well. Therefore, you’ll enjoy the same privileges as locals.

The city does not lack entertainment opportunities. No matter where you come from, you can enjoy cinemas, markets, theatres, exhibitions, live music and other live performances.

As there are many factors affecting final valuation, please take some time to fill out this form, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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