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Are you thinking of moving from the United Kingdom to Dusseldorf? ? Are you looking for relocation services to make help the move easier? Are you having trouble finding a service that fits your needs and requirements?

Bright Removals is everything you need in a relocation company! If you have any removal or relocation needs between the United Kingdom and Germany, you can rely on Bright Removals to take care of the job. With years of experience helping hundreds of people move to Dusseldorf, our company is capable of fulfilling the removal needs of both individuals and companies.

Whether you want to relocate to Dusseldorf or the broader North Rhine-Westphalia regions, our company will provide a tailor-made relocation solution that will fit your requirements. With frequent journeys between Dusseldorf and England, Scotland, Wales serving a growing number of clients, we are sure we can accommodate your move on a date and timeframe of your choosing.

We are an honest, reliable, family-run business. Our vision is to provide cheap, reliable, affordable, and flexible removals to both individuals and companies wanting to relocate to Germany, and especially the Dusseldorf region. Contact us now and learn more about services!

Flexible dates

At least one shipment a week between Dusseldorf and UK

Any size

We ship any size consignment single box/item to full house content(any number of bedrooms).


Insurance is always included in our prices as standard.

Removals to Dusseldorf: Everything You Need to Know

Moving countries is never easy, even if it is between two relatively similar countries like Germany and Britain, and the process has only grown more complicated after Brexit. For the moving process to be successful, these are the things you should look for in a removal company:

What Makes Our Company's Düsseldorf Removals Exceptional?

As a family-owned company with a strong vision to provide the best removal services from the United Kingdoms to Germany, we've taken a number of steps to make our services exceptional:

About Duesseldorf

Dusseldorf was voted the city with one of the best quality of life indexes worldwide. The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia holds many highlights for all tastes and interests in store. Welcoming, exciting, cosmopolitan and tolerant is how this lifestyle city on the banks of the Rhine presents to its guests and residents. There's something for everybody here. Whether you're relocating for business, family, or love, you're bound to have a great time in the city.

New to Duesseldorf?

New to Dusseldorf? It is a beautiful city that is worth relocating to, and we are more than happy to help. For years, we moved hundreds of individuals and companies between Dusseldorf, Rhine Ruhr and the United Kingdom. We are certain there are questions which you wouldn't ask the ordinary relocation company because they wouldn't be able to answer. We are different! We are more than happy to advise you on a wide range of issues regarding relocation, prices, or the day to day living in Dusseldorf or Rhine Ruhr. Just contact us or fill in the free quote form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

As there are many factors affecting final valuation, please take some time to fill out this form, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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