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Are you looking for relocation services to help you move to Essen? Are you looking for a company with a track record of successful international removals? Are you looking for a way to make moving to Essen as painless and smooth as possible?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then you'll love our services here at Bright Removals. The number one relocation company to Germany, we've helped hundreds of clients move to the beautiful German city of Essen from the United Kingdom.

Whether you're looking to move for personal, family, or work reasons, you just need to give us a call. We're here to help make your relocation to your new home an excellent experience. You no longer have to suffer the anxiety of moving between countries: we're here to make it a painless, routine process.

Removals to Essen: Everything You Need to Know

Want to move your home or office to Essen? Removals to Essen are relatively straightforward from Germany, but, nevertheless, there are some things you absolutely need to keep in mind if you want the process to be successful:

What Makes Our Company's Essen Removals Exceptional?

Our company, Bright Removals, is a family-owned, client-oriented business, and our goal, since day one, has been to provide exceptional removal services for people looking to move to Germany, and we can confidently say we've more than succeeded in our mission. If you want reliable, affordable, and scalable removal services, you've come to the right place:

Transit time

Transit time of shipments between UK and Hamburg is between 2 and 3 days, door to door


If storage is required we can arrange it either in the UK or Hamburg

Any size

Full and part-load services available, single box or piece of furniture to 100cbm

About Essen

The city of Essen, 35 km north of Düsseldorf, is one of the main industrial centres of the Ruhr area. Throughout its history, it has been famous for its industries, factories, and businesses.

Today, however, 95% of Essen's population lives within 300 meters of urban green areas. The water management system is extremely environmentally friendly, and the city was selected as Europe's green capital in 2017 as recognition of all the progress it has achieved in the last few decades.

While the city has had no landfills since the 1960s, it also recycles almost 65% of its waste. Essen has also set itself the goal of developing 376 kilometres of bicycle paths so that bicycle travel will increase by 25% and car travel will decrease by 29% by 2035. The city is undergoing a green revolution in every sense of the word, and it has resulted in tens of thousands of green jobs creation in the city.

Whether you want to move to a family-friendly, environmentally-friendly place to enjoy your retirement or you want to move to Essen to start a career in industry and business there, you'll find the city more than adequate.

New to Essen?

The city wasn't only selected as the green capital of Europe in 2017. Just 7 years prior, it was also selected as Europe's capital of culture, and this is for very good reasons, as the city has a very long, colourful history dating back almost a millennium.

There's a lot to see in Essen, and an exhaustive list would fill out a book, but if you're new to Essen, you should definitely try seeing these landmarks: