How to transport a motorcycle and a quad bike

How to Transport a Motorcycle and a Quad Bike

For many people, motorcycles are more than just a form of transport, it's their hobby and a way of life. But even if you belong to this group of passionate bikers, there are situations when you cannot simply take your motorcycle for a ride to get to your destination, and you need to find another way to transport it. This is often the case when travelling internationally, for example.

Whether you're moving to another country permanently or planning a motorcycle road trip abroad, finding a way to transport your motorbike from point A to point B safely can be a headache-inducing process. The same holds true for other vehicles, such as trike motorcycles or quad bikes. In the article below, we'll explain the ins and outs of motorcycle transport to help you plan your move without stress!

But before we talk about how to prepare your motorcycle for transport, it's worth noting that you do not have to do it yourself! Suppose you don't have the time, the right tools and the necessary know-how. In that case, you can leave this job to shipping companies with extensive experience in international removals and vehicle transportation. Move your motorcycle from Germany to the UK (or from the UK to Germany) with Bright Removals Ltd and enjoy a safe, fast and hassle-free shipping process at a reasonable price!

Helpful Tips for Motorcycle and Quad Bike Transport

Get the Right Equipment

Even though loading a motorcycle or a quad bike into a moving van may seem straightforward at first glance, there are a few essential steps you need to take to do it safely and secure your vehicle for the duration of transport. These include using the right equipment, such as:

It may also be a good idea to get special tie-downs used for motorcycle transport: a Canyon Dancer Bar harness and a soft loop strap. Their design makes it possible to secure the handlebars and keep the motorcycle in place without the risk of scratches and damage.

Another useful thing to have on hand is a motorcycle or a quad bike cover to prevent scratches on the paintwork. If you don't have any, you can use moving blankets instead and add stretch wrap for extra protection.

Find Someone To Help You

As a safety precaution, it's recommended to always have at least one person with you to help with loading and securing the vehicle. This will make the whole process not only easier but also safer. Keep in mind that motorcycles and quad bikes are heavy, and pushing them up the loading ramp on your own can result in accidents, e.g., your motorcycle falling off the ramp. Having someone there to help you manoeuvre the vehicle is a great way to reduce the risk of damage and injury.

Choose the Right Moving Vehicle

Although loading a motorcycle onto the back of a pickup truck works well for short-distance transport, for longer routes, it is best to opt for an enclosed vehicle such as a moving van. This will keep your motorcycle or quad bike protected from weather conditions and other potential hazards during transport. And if you want to protect your vehicle even further, you can also crate your motorcycle.

How to Transport a Motorcycle

Always load your motorcycle on solid and level ground and make sure that the motorcycle ramp is properly attached to the moving van so that it doesn't move or collapse under the weight of your motorcycle. Don't rush and push the motorcycle carefully into the van while having someone with you to help you keep it steady the whole time.

How to transport a quad bike

How to Transport a Quad Bike

Before loading your quad bike, make sure that the loading ramp is secured in place and is capable of withstanding the weight of your vehicle. It's an easy step that can prevent many potential accidents, so don't skip it. As quad bikes are heavy and it may be difficult to manoeuvre your vehicle when pushing it up the ramp, get at least one of your helpers to assist you.

To safely transport your quad bike, you need to make sure it's secured and cannot move inside the moving vehicle. Use heavy-duty ratchet straps to prevent any movement during transport to protect your quad bike and any other items moved alongside it.

What Are the Benefits of Transporting Motorcycles and Quad Bikes With a Shipping Company?

Motorcycle Transport FAQ

Can You Transport a Motorcycle Lying Down?

It's generally best to avoid transporting your motorcycle on its side as it can lead to all sorts of problems, from scratches to damage and leakages. If absolutely necessary, for example, due to limited space, you need to take additional steps such as draining all liquids to make the transport as safe as possible. For the safety of the vehicle, it's recommended to transport it in an upright position whenever possible.

How Do I Prepare My Motorcycle for Transport?

First, you should clean your vehicle and inspect its condition to note any existing damages. The fuel tank should be emptied to 1/4 for transport, and all accessories should be removed and moved separately. If you're transporting your motorcycle yourself, you will also have to secure it properly in the moving van. If you're working with a moving company, it may be a good idea to give them a call beforehand and ask whether there are any additional requirements.

What Is the Best Way to Transport a Motorcycle?

You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to transporting your motorcycle or other vehicles, such as quad bikes. You can, for example, go the DIY route if you have the necessary tools and time. However, in the long run, the best way is simply to entrust your motorcycle to expert movers capable of getting it to its new destination safely and efficiently.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Motorcycle? (UK-Germany)

There is no straight answer to this question. Everything depends on the size of your motorcycle (or quad bike) and the transport route length. To get a reliable quote, contact us and let us know more details about your transport. We'll provide you with a free estimate of the cost.

As there are many factors affecting final valuation, please take some time to fill out this form, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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